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Sukjai Thai Massage

Thai Yoga Massage and Traditional Thai Massage

Thai Massage

suk jai thai massage

Thai Massage provides an ancient form of therapeutic healing. It combines Yoga therapy, massage, acupressure, deep stretching and meditation.

Benefits of Thai massage include:

  • Reduction of physical and emotion tension. 
  • Release and relaxation of muscle and improved flexibility.
  • Relief from general muscular aches and pains.
  • Improve circulation and stimulate the lymphatic system.

Thai Aromatherapy Massage

suk jai thai massage

Thai Aromatherapy Massage is a combination of Traditional Thai Massage techniques along with kneading, strokes and stretching. This therapy can be as gentle or as deep as you like. Thai Aromatherapy Massage gives relief from stress and muscle tension, aches and pains and improves circulation. 

Thai Aroma massage will unblock and balance energy flow and give detoxification of the internal organs.  This massage concentrates on pressure points throughout your entire body, helping to ease muscle tension, whilst improving blood circulation.

Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage

suk jai thai massage

Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage for general body maintenance and relaxation. 

This treatment is a specific type of massage which aids in relaxing muscles, increases blood circulation and lymph flow, improves the healing time of strained ligaments and muscular tissue, reduces the inflammation of joints and heart rate, improves range of motion and joint flexibility, increases endorphins, strengthens the immune system, decreases spasms, improves oxygen flow and helps to relieve muscle tension.

Herbal Thai Massage

suk jai thai massage

Herbal Thai Massage is a special thai massage technique that involves a warm herbal ball used on the body.

The Thai herbal ball compress technique benefits include: 

  • Deep relaxation
  • Relieves stress and tension
  • Boost both emotional and physical well-being
  • Improves blood and lymph circulation
  • Stimulates the internal organs

Reflexology/Thai Foot Massage

suk jai thai massage

Reflexology / Thai Foot Massage is a massage of the feet and also lower legs.

Thai foot massage is both invigorating and deeply relaxing and involves hands on massage, stretching and acupressure to stimulate reflex points.

It has elements of Shiatsu, Reflexology, and Chinese massage, incorporated into the treatment, Includes the use of a traditional Thai foot massage stick as well as using the palms, fingers, thumbs and knuckles to work the feet.

Thai Head Massage

suk jai thai massage

Thai Head Massage releases the stress, that has accumulated in the tissues, muscles and joints of the head, face, neck and shoulders.

Thai head massage is especially good for relieving stress, tension, fatigue, insomnia, headaches, migraine and sinusitis.

Clients report that the experience is deeply calming and relaxing, leaving them feeling energised and revitalised and better able to concentrate.

Thai head massage helps increase joint mobility and flexibility in the neck and shoulders, improves blood circulation and lymphatic flow, frees knots of muscular tension, relaxes connective tissue, and aids in the elimination of accumulated toxins and waste products.

It is particularly good for reducing the effects of stress and tension.